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Robert E. Bell & Seven Bridges Middle School Hydroponics Classrooms

Updated: Feb 5


As a part of the CCSD K-12 district-wide sustainability initiative, this grant supported

the expansion of the study of life sciences, nutrition, and healthy eating through the

creation of a hydroponics classroom at Bell and Seven Bridges Middle School. Each

school will have one classroom that will be equipped with hydroponic farming

technology, which will provide year-round hands-on, project-based environmental

science education. The SunWorks curriculum included within this grant integrates

seamlessly with the CCSD middle school science, FACS, and STEAM classes. This

grant also provides year-long teacher training and systems support.

Ellen Moskowitz, Director of Professional Learning, Inquiry & Innovation, CCSD

Justin Olive, Director, K-12 Science

Taryn Delaney & Dana Stein-Dince, Bell Family & Consumer Science, Bell

Danielle Denmead & Jenny Gieras, Seven Bridges

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