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2023-2024 Leadership Donors

Innovation Leader
Benjamin and Lauren Levin

CSF Laureate
The Gretczko Family

Jeffrey and Regina Kessler

Summa Cum Laude
David Gottlieb and Jennifer Evers
Larry and Megan Gulotta

Sheri and Craig Hametz
Shana and Kevin Hoo
Chun Li

Leora and Adam Rosenberg
Diana and Nicholas Walsh

Jacob and Allison Wolfson

Magna Cum Laude
Stephanie and Cliff Cone
Elena Coyle and Chris Philippou
Marc and Amanda Garfinkle
Jennifer and David Gefsky
Jocelyn and Jason Herman
Solveig and Stephen McShea
Kelly Mofield and Dr. Bryan Blair

Emily and Jared Mudge
Lois and Chris O'Neill
Heather and Aaron Shapiro
Stephanie and Lee Spiegel
Mario and Katie Vaz

Cum Laude
Dr. Shivani Agarwal and Mr. Eugene Song
Leigh and Jason Amster
Edward and Linda Bosco
Jillian and Julian Bynum
Joanna and Dreux Coogan
Cara and Brian Cook
Chris and Karen Craddock
Michelle and Eric Dinenberg
Rachel Dooley and Dan Koevary
Alissa and Steven Dorfman
Elders Family
Haley and Zach Fisher
Chris and Cindy Forrest
Susanne Forsyth and Mark Van Wyk
Ken and Sue Fuirst
Pam and Murray Goldfarb
Meredeith Grauer and Ryan Kelsey
Lisa and Jacob Feingold
Aimee and Jeff Hoffner
Megan and Michael Kadosh
Meryl and Jason Lefkowitz
Michelle and Jason Levin
Shauna and Justin Levy
Gurpreet and Komal Malik
Amanda and Zach Mazin
Laurel and Christopher Meredith
Kelly Mofield and Dr. Bryan Blair
Lindsay and Brian Nakash
The Natter Family Foundation
Elissa and Jason Novick
Jessica and Michael Peskin
Arun and Tiffany Prasad
Debbie Rebell and Jason Moss
Susan and John Raniolo
Amy and Bradley Rinzler
Alexandra and Scott Rosenberg
Debbie and Jeff Samberg
Clara and Tobyn Sharp
Erin and Jonathan Spira
Brooke and Brad Stuart
Lisa and Drew Talarico
Victoria and Robert Tipp
Tim and Keira Treanor
Kyle and Maggie Walters
Lauren and Cris Wassner

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